Lists and prevarication 

Still plenty to do on the last day pre flying off far away from home. Biggest challenge today will be to kiss my Pops on his head, hold him tight and tell him I’ll be back in two  weeks with stories to tell him. He is proud of me.

 I hope he doesn’t choose to leave the world while I am not here to be physically close to him, but I wouldn’t blame him if he did. Life in care with radically changed capacity for independence and self actualisation isn’t suiting him…although he did say with characteristic humour the other day that the benefit of having lost his functioning short term memory means one never runs out of good reading material.

My children are under instruction to bring him as much ice cream while I am gone as he can eat. For a man whose life has been dominated by lactose intolerance it is a strange irony that ice cream has now become his greatest pleasure, with not a single side effect evident…leaving the best to last Dad, it’s one way of doing things. 




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