Kate on the couch

The clocks sprung forward last weekend – signalling that the blind of winter is slowly, slowly beginning to open up to let the sunshine and light in again, till six months on the darkness will cuddle in once more, will take me by the hand and lead me back to my couch of dreams and mulled ambitions. 

It’s true – when darkness surrounds me something weird happens, my batteries power down day by day and there I am curled up on the couch again, firelights twinkling, cats a purring, blanket surrounding, tv and red wine a warming by my side. It’s my favourite place. 

This slow turning my head to light happens every year, like I’m coming out of a coma.. At least a stone heavier than I was before I lay down on my couch of heavenly indulgence, this year more than ever I feel the pull. This time the ‘other’ darkness I have learned to live with as a close companion these past six years seems to have up and left..moved on to fill the soul of some other poor bugger with dread and despair. I had grown quite close to this wraith of the broken heart – so much so that I am quite taken aback by his sudden disappearance. Glad though. 

Spring is here indeed. It’s time to roll up the blankie and get off the couch. It’s Easter, so the overcoming of darkness to be re borne again is thematically appropriate if hard to believe in the biblical sense. Have faith Katie-B…arise and walk 😉 



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