The facts

We have spent time with workers from the Badil Resource Centre for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights and also with Grassroots Jerusalem, an organisation dedicated to working with Israelies living in Jerusalem to raise their awareness about what their Government is doing to the Palestinian people in their name. Most Israelis – having little opportunity to actually meet Palestinians properly such is the control around movement – have no idea the conditions of oppression being forced upon them. Their side of the wall is banked high, planted and landscaped. Settlers who meet with Palestinian resistance are better experienced – with the support of course of thousands of armed teenagers behind them – of just attacking and demonising all – children included. It was this that led the founder of grassroots Jerusalem to leave the Israeli Army and found his first organisation, Breaking the Silence, which trained sickened soldiers to do just that. 

If you google all of these organisations, between them you will find answers to all your questions. In the meantime, listen to this.

One more day…I have no idea how I will return to my life in Scotland. 


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