Takeoffs, landings and new beginnings…

From touch down in Tel Aviv I can’t begin to explain the enormity of the impact of the rest of the day. The running commentary – as we were driven along the Israeli only motorway – on the impact of partition on the lives of the Palestinians; the primary school on the other side of that road from the Palestinianimage village which it seeks to serve – and tunnel through which children and their parents have to go through to get there, risking attack and sometimes even death. A young boy was shot there on his way to primary school only a two months ago and died.

The black water tanks on the houses in Palestinian villages – lest the water is cut off for three or four days at a time… Water is freely available to the Israelis and settlers and illegally under quota according to the WHO, for Palestinians. No water tanks needed on the roofs of the grander houses in the new settlements.

The wall – a massive barrier of concrete – garnished in graffiti and banksy art works. The wall – massive, thick, cutting through the land like a big wound.

That was a long trip and eventually the day promises an end after the big induction meeting after tea. Work begins tomorrow at 8. This family has lost their home to this policy of destruction three times now. We were reminded not to worry about our building skills. We are – we were told – building hope. All skills welcome in that process.  Apparently the whole refugee camp is coming out to welcome us in the morning. Overwhelmed doesn’t come close .


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